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My name is Gilles CLAVERIE, and like many I started martial arts by practicing Judo. After a footbalistic break, I discovered Nihon Tai Jitsu in 1992.  I was looking for a complete discipline, MMA did not exist... ;-) and Nihon Tai Jitsu attracted me immediately by its martial principles which maximized the use of the whole body. Atemi, keys, projections, strangulations, sutemi... I had found a fantastic practice which filled my search for physical development but which also opened up another dimension to me : That of a Martial Art.   The teaching of the history of Budo, the origin of techniques from the samurai, the history of the evolution of Japanese fighting arts, all of these are part of our school.

 Each class, each minute of practice makes me realize the richness of this discipline. It would take more than a lifetime to explore all the dimensions and possibilities that Nihon Tai Jitsu offers. 

After teaching a few years with my friend Younes Sekkal 5th DAN Nihon Tai Jitsu, we had to close due to Coronavirus like unfortunately many clubs.  I wanted to keep passing on to others this discipline which brought me so much by associating the principles and values that drive me.

Today, I´m Black Belt 3rd DAN of Nihon Tai Jitsu, 4th Nihon Ju Jitsu, I started under the direction of Sensei Philippe Avril 7th DAN Expert Federal FFK, Deputy of the DTN Nihon Tai Jitsu, and Member of the Shihan College who trained me and allowed me to obtain my black belt in 1997. I continue to improve my practice at the Dojo Clair Matin de Saint Jean under the direction of my partner and friend Olivier Poutoire, 5th DAN Nihon Ju Jitsu, Regional Technical Manager and through the Black Belt courses given by Sensei Philippe Avril.

My working life led me to leave Toulouse and then France, however this gave me the opportunity to practice several disciplines, Boxing, French boxing, Yoseikan Budo but I always came back to my master discipline, Nihon Tai. Jitsu where I have the pleasure and the chance to work under the direction of Marc Bertolini 5th DAN Nihon Tai Jitsu in Paris, Then Philippe Lefrancs 6th DAN Nihon Tai Jitsu when I returned to Toulouse, without forgetting the lessons under the direction of Daniel Faynot 7th DAN Nihon Tai Jitsu and participation in the exciting courses of Master Hernaez 9th DAN HANSHI and the Founder of the discipline.

See you soon on the tatamis.


Amities Budo


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Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.+33 675 182 514

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